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Lengua-Learn Communications Teaches Foreign Languages

Whether you want to learn a foreign language for personal or business use, or want to learn English as a second language, Lengua-Learn Communications is here for you. We offer private and group lessons, corporate classes, ESL classes, private tutoring, and other classes over the phone, online, or in-person to teach English, Spanish, French, German, and Latin. We can customize courses to fit the needs and learning styles of our students, and all classes are taught by an experienced, certified foreign language teacher. In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, course materials are available in accessible formats such as audio and braille.

To learn more about Lengua-Learn Communications, call President and CEO Carla Hayes at (724) 941-8184 today. As someone who has spent time abroad learning the languages and cultures of other countries, Carla is here to share her knowledge and help others master languages, as well.

Ask About Private Tutoring for School-Aged Students

Lengua-Learn Communications offers private tutoring and foreign language classes for home-schoolers and those who need extra assistance in McMurray, PA; Canonsburg, PA; and the surrounding areas. We offer all levels of Spanish, French, and German, taught by a certified foreign language teacher. Classes are available at reasonable rates for students of all ages.

Coursework includes graded written and oral exams, compositions, and various projects. Each course helps to develop the five basic skills necessary for mastery of a foreign language: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and comprehension. We understand that all students learn differently, and will be happy to customize lessons to meet the needs of the student’s individual learning style.

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English as a Second Language Instruction, Based in McMurray, PA

If you are a resident of McMurray, PA, or the surrounding areas and wish to learn English as a second language (ESL), Lengua-Learn Communications is here to help. We offer ESL classes for children and adults looking to better understand the English language. Work with a certified foreign language teacher, with Latin mini-courses to trace the development of the English vocabulary. We offer in-person and online classes to accommodate our students.

Lengua-Learn Communications Conducts Corporate Classes for New Languages

Are you traveling or moving abroad for business and want to be able to communicate in the country’s native language? Would your company like to offer corporate language classes for employees to make overseas business easier? Or maybe you or your church group is planning a mission trip and need to learn the basics of a foreign language.

Our foreign language teacher can come to your office, consult online, or other location for your convenience. We can work with any amount of people, and classes can continue for as long as needed. Whether you just need the basics of Spanish, French, or German, or want to gain complete mastery, Lengua-Learn Communications is here to help in McMurray, PA.

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Explore-Four Language Exploratory Courses in Canonsburg, PA

The Explore-Four course is a unique, 36-week, four-in-one language course for students in grades 6 through 9 that allows them to explore and compare Spanish, French, Latin, and German. Nine weeks are devoted to each language. Students learn the alphabet and numbers in all four languages and additional vocabulary for each language, giving them common materials to compare and contrast. This course allows students to:

  • Decide which foreign language to study in the future
  • Learn basic vocabulary and grammatical structures of Spanish, French, Latin, and German
  • Compare and contrast vocabulary and grammar of English and other languages
  • Improve English vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Acquire useful language-learning strategies

Our experienced, certified foreign language teacher can adapt the course to the needs of any student of any age. Contact us today to learn more.

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Dynamic Communications to Improve Speaking Skills

Lengua-Learn Communications offers our Dynamic Communications course to teach the seven principles for strong oral and written communication skills. This basic audio course costs $25, and includes everyday examples and meaningful, interactive exercises.

The audio course includes music, sound effects, and several challenging activities to help listeners learn and practice the seven principles. The Dynamic Communications course is customizable as interactive workshops and multi-class courses to meet the needs of your group or organization.